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About Wisdom Republic

Wisdom Republic,  ‘Inner Transformation’  organization which focuses on Corporate Training, Skills at Schools & Colleges, Mind transformation for prison inmates and personal counselling. 


Founded by Mr Sumit Shrivastava, an Inner transformation coach who believes that permanent change in thoughts, behaviors and actions will come only through an inside out approach and if we reprogram the software, that is mind.

We provide end-to-end training programs and skill development solutions aimed at productivity improvement for businesses on one hand, and providing empowerment to the less privileged section on the other. It has conceptualized  innovative training modules based on various mind transforming techniques


We come with rich experience in the training and development domain across different  industry verticals. It works with many leading corporates and has also crafted their education system. It is also working with Delhi govt education department on new projects for schools. To transform and help people fight their stress, anxiety fears. phobias and depression in Indian prisons, wisdom republic has been a pioneer in developing and also successfully implementing neurology based workshops. 

Furthermore, it also provides one to one counselling & coaching sessions.



Wisdom Republic  offerings spread across these verticals:

-Inner empowerment
-Business & Leadership
-Presentation skills
-Relationship Mastery
-Sales Coaching
-Neuro-Linguistic programming
-Effective Networking  

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